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Sunday, February 19, 2006

It begins

So, yet again, I've bowed down to the pervasive peer-pressure network that is internet blogs. It used to be so much easier for the kiddies- Bill the "cool" jock who plays Quarterback for the 0-10 football team goes over and says, "you don't kill baby seals? What a lame ass! Anyone who's anyone kills Baby Seals... lameass."

And then you cry for a bit, and consider going out to kill those baby seals and make a name for yourself, but dammit, if those Seal Clubbing Clubs aren't expensive as hell. See, blogs are free, so it's easier to cave in. I'm not saying that blogs are akin to killing artic mammals. I'm just saying it's close.

Oh, and all of this will be about music. Random bands I've just found out about that you may or may not know, some new, some old, some good, some bad. So, enjoy that, I guess.

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