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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ashtry Boy- ...The Honeymoon Suite

There's something to be said about random bands that have long since broken up, and who, after releasing some seven albums, can get no more press than myseteriously having the same album (Macho Champions) available in seemingly every single Second Hand Tunes store in Chicago.

...The Honeymoon Suite (yes, the elipse is in the album title) is an interesting album. Half of it was recorded in Australia, and half of it was recorded in Chicago. It features Liz Phair on two of the tracks (but, since the album is from 1993, we're talking about Liz Phair before her descent into pop-induced madness).

The album is pleasant music. It's quant. Subtle horn use and a soothing baratone voice are driven by upbeat acoustic guitar play. It's not something you rock out to, but it's something you listen to and say "okay, I can dig this", while slowly nodding your head to the rhythm.

It's meticulous, and doesn't really have any pretenses about it. There's no backstory, there's no drama, there's just songs about Shirley Maclaine.

But it's the tracks where Liz Phair appears, adding soft subtle female harmonies, that the album shines the most. Shirley Maclaine and Infidel use the same slow-but-not-slow-paced methods that the rest of the album uses, it just comes off prettier because of the harmonies.

Basically, the album is a nice find. Soft, occasionally mellowed-alt influences with a hint of Sea and Cake sensibility. Check out the MP3s and see if you like 'em.

Ashtry Boy- Shirley Maclaine
Ashtray Boy- Infidel


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