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Friday, March 31, 2006


I don't know the story of this band. No one really does, outside of the fans the band may have had in Brooklyn. They basically released a single and an EP, and broke up. Google searches online reveal that, in fact, they may never have existed- their high energy, endearingly sloppy rock just a figment of my imagination- my own personal Schizophrenic rock experience (minus the electroshock therapy and medication).

Of course they did exist- members have splintered off into different groups, including Proton Proton, which, while not achieving the same degree of upbeat angular rock as Hominid, has achieved a similar degree of anonymity.

But, we're forgetting why we're here- just to look at the obscenely large, 8 song catelog of the band formerly existing as Hominid. The sound is catchy as hell- female vocals lead overpowering guitars with dance-trance-rock instrumentation. Imagined a strong dose of Metric meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Hominid represents how Karen O would sound in a perfect world- slightly punk, but the vocals are still sung, and the music makes you want to move.

Finding out about a band after its existance is always bitter-sweet. You love the music you can find, but you hate the fact that they'll never make another song. So, here's my gift to you- here are two mp3s by Hominid. If you like them, just email, and you'll get all the songs they've ever done. And it'll just make you thirsty for more. After that, though? Sorry, you're on your own. This band is done, unfortunately. All we can do is be thankful for the few songs they gave us before their self-destruction.

Hominid- Take It Like A
Hominid- Hi Zeus!


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