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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Live- Art Brut

Can you hear that, Chicago? Can you hear the Rock? I can!

Art Brut rocked out the Metro in their typical cockny rock-mocking style. Yes, it was magnificent.

After two entertaining, if somewhat confuddling, opening acts (a hardcore british punk band followed by an electro-synth-pop duo that, I think, was on Ecstacy, and who didn't like to keep their clothes on), Enter the Sandman. And by the Sandman, I mean Art Brut. Though, they did start "Formed a Band" with the riff from the afformentioned track.

The key to Art Brut live is that nothing sounds as it does on the album- there are added verses, switched up lines- if you can keep up with Eddie Argos' vocals, you can't help but laughing.

"Stay away from Pete Dougherty", he decrees as the guitars die down after his rendidtion of "My Little Brother", ends with the line "Stay off the crack". His pointed reference to the former member of The libertines, whose inability to stay clean eventually broke up his band. Argos continues- "He's a bad man. If he thinks he's so great, why can't he take his word, and take it straight?"

"This is our first show using a set list," a recently-mustached Argos sheepishly admits halfway through the show. "It's thrown us a bit off". They did seem a little unsure of themselves at times, especially compared to their near-flawless show at Schuba's last fall (Mp3s of that show are available in this post). But, compared to a live show of, say, Interpol, who simply play album-carbon-copies without any banter, Art Brut knows how to rock out.

Modern Art made Argos rock out... and off of the stage, as he ran around the audience as crowd members jostled and lept in approval. "Emily Kane" saw a complete stop in the song halfway through as Argos, putting on his serious face, while still yelling to the kids, says "this is the part of the song where I tell you that I actually got a call from Emily Kane. We talked about lots of things, like her new boyfriend, but I realized something. I wasn't in love with Emily Kane, I was in love with being 15 and being in love!" And suddenly, the instruments pick up all over again, and the song goes on as if nothing had happened.

The song leading to the encore, Bad Weekend, sparkles live, and also swells to almost 8 minutes, as Argos screams over the instrumental backdrop of the song his intent to find everyone at the pitchfork festival (Art Brut's appearance there was announced earlier that set), as he would ask us all if we've formed a band.

If we could all be as good as Art Brut, we all damn well should.

Art Brut- Formed a Band (Live)
Art Brut- Emily Kane (Live)

Art Brut- Bad Weekend (Live)


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