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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Lovely Feathers- Hind Hind Legs

It's been a while since I got so retarded about an album so fast as I have with the Lovely Feather's. Combining the frantic pop sensibilities of Man Man with the unique thematic approaches of The Unicorns, all wrapped up in an angular Indie Rock sound that screams of Wolf Parade, Hind Hind Legs marks the enterance of one of the newest, most exciting, and most importantly, fun band to hit the Indie Rock scene.

Hailing from Montreal, The Lovely Feathers mark their official debut with a largely strong showing of catchy and addictive rock/pop songs. While occasionally falling into the realm of overly-self-impressed- for example, the song "I Really Like You", which obviously tries to spark some sense of "its amazing because its so simple and its EXACTLY WHAT WE THINK LIKE" in its listener, but in the end, it rings more hollow. The song both recognizes and underestimates its fan base. I'm sure the lyric process of the song went something like this-

"Hey guys, okay, so who's listening to this CD? Okay, yeah, I know, Indie snobs, what else? What's their deal with women? Right! They're awkward and usually shy with them, right? Exactly! Hesistant, right, exactly. So, how about our chorus being 'I really really really really like you' really soft like? Then, the awkward indie kids will be like 'yeah, that's something I always want to say! This song represents my internal strife!'

The problem is that we can see through it, and the music isn't consistant enough to salvage the song fully.

But, that's just one song out of 13. And for every song that misses its mark, there are five more that work so damn well you play the song over and over until you get sick of it. And then, the next day, you're suddenly cured of your sickness, and you listen to them over and over again, and... you see where I'm going with this?

Songs like Pope John Paul, which revel in the band's hyperactive musical stylings, make this album worth listening to, while "Wrong Choice", which tries to appeal to its listener in every way as "I really like you" actually pulls it off, and appears as one of the stand out tracks on this overall amazing release.

Lovely Feathers- Pope John Paul

Lovely Feathers- Frantic
Lovely Feathers- Wrong Choice